NHS Staff Survey Results

The 2020 NHS Staff Survey results will be published here at 9.30am on Thursday 11 March 2021.

Thank you to all organisations who participated in the NHS Staff Survey.

Please note the NHS England & NHS Improvement Staff Survey is run as a separate process by the NHS England & NHS Improvement OD team.

This website allows users to view National and Local (organisational) results from the survey. Each of the items displayed in the menu on the left is clickable, and has a sub-item if it is in blue.

There are a series of interactive dashboards, as Trends over time, and with demographic Breakdowns of those trends. Benchmarking reports are available at an organisational level, and replicate information available in the dashboards as pdf documents, Reports providing directorate level information are available where information was provided. Data used to create these reports can be downloaded from that page.

For help with interpreting the data, please refer to the ‘Technical document’ – you can find a link to this in the ‘Supporting documents‘ menu on the left. For a brief overview of the survey and the reporting outputs available, please refer to the ‘Basic guide’. The data were last updated 2020-10-27.

The  menu structure is as follows:

A. Summary
A1. Summary – very high level summary
A2. National Briefing – static rpdf report at the national level

B. National results – interactive dashboards for:
B1. Trends – themes, questions, and response rate
B2. Breakdowns – as above, with the ability to select demographic cuts
B3. National level workforce equality data spreadsheets

C. Benchmark and Directorate reports
C1. Static pdf reports by NHS organisation (or group thereof for CCGs),
C2. Excel data behind those reports are available (wide format, row per organisation)

D. Organisational Level results – interactive dashboards by NHS organisation (or group thereof)
D1. Benchmarking – organisational level overview, themes, questions, and grouping by STP/ ICS
D2. Breakdowns – by theme and question, with the ability to select demographic cuts
D3. Workforce equality data spreadsheets
D4. Detailed spreadsheets – data by response to each question category (wide format, row per organisation)

E. Download Dashboard Data – data for each for the interactive dashboards (tall format, row per organisation/question/split).

F Supporting Documents
F1. Basic Guide
F2. Technical Document
F3. FAQs

We encourage feedback on the design of the website, and ask users to report any issues they find with the site.

Do let us know what you would like to see available on the website for future surveys.

Feedback can be sent to nhsstaffsurvey@surveycoordination.com.

For any queries, please contact the Staff Survey Coordination Centre by emailing nhsstaffsurvey@surveycoordination.com or by calling 01865 208 141.