From this page you can download the data used in the creation of the dashboards. You may find it easier to work with the data used to produce the benchmark and directorate reports. You can access the data here.

The data on this page are direct exports from analytical files, as csv saved in zipped format.

Some files are substantial in size and may not open in excel – use a statistical package, such as R. Note You can download selected data directly from the dashboard using the button in the bottom right corner of the dashboard.

Where a “trust type” is coded, the codes are as follows:

0. All Trusts
1. Acute Trusts and Acute & Community Trusts
3. Acute Specialist Trusts
4. Mental Health / Learning Disability Trusts and Combined MH/LD and Community Trusts
6. Community Trusts
7. Ambulance Trusts

Codes 2 and 5 were merged into codes 1 and 4 respectively.

National Data

National Breakdowns
National Trend

Local Data


Local Benchmarking

Demographic Breakdowns – Questions

Local Demographic Breakdowns Questions 2016
Local Demographic Breakdowns Questions 2017
Local Demographic Breakdowns Questions 2018
Local Demographic Breakdowns Questions 2019
Local Demographic Breakdowns Questions 2020

Demographic Breakdowns -Themes

Local Demographic Breakdowns Themes

Covid-19 Breakdowns – Questions

Local Covid-19 Breakdowns Questions

Covid-19 Breakdowns – Themes

Local Covid-19 Breakdowns Themes

Workforce data

Workforce Equality (WDES / WRES)