NHS Staff Survey Results – 2020

Thank you to all organisations who participated in the 2020 NHS Staff Survey. This year, the survey went out to over 1.2 million staff across 280 NHS organisations in England.

Staff were eligible to take part if they were employed directly by an NHS organisation on 1st September 2020. The number of staff members who took part via either a postal or online questionnaire, was 595,270. This constituted an overall response rate of 47% for the 2020 Staff Survey.

This website allows users to view national and local results from the survey through a series of interactive dashboards.

An overarching national briefing document is available from the ‘Summary‘ menu on the left hand side and on the main survey page https://www.nhsstaffsurveys.com, where more details about the survey can be found.

For help with interpreting the data, please refer to the ‘Technical document’ – you can find a link to this in the ‘Supporting documents’ menu. For a brief overview of the survey and the reporting outputs available, please refer to the ‘Summary of 2020 outputs‘ and ‘Basic guide’.

For any queries, please contact the Staff Survey Coordination Centre by emailing nhsstaffsurvey@surveycoordination.com