NHS Staff Survey Results – 2016

Thank you to all organisations who participated in the 2016 NHS Staff Survey. This year the survey went out to over 982,000 staff across 316 trusts, clinical commissioning groups, commissioning support units and other NHS organisations in England. Staff were eligible to take part if they were employed directly by an NHS organisation on 1st September 2016. Over 423,000 staff took part in the survey between October and December 2016, via either a postal or online questionnaire.

This online tool allows users to view local and national results from the survey through a series of interactive dashboards. As this is the first year we have made the results available via this format, we encourage users to provide feedback on the design of the website, to report any issues they find with the site, and to let us know what they would like to see available on the website for future surveys. Feedback can be sent to staffsurvey@pickereurope.ac.uk.

Below you can see an example of what some of the dashboards will look like.

To the right you can see an image of one of the dashboards.

This dashboard displays all of the Key Findings that fall under the theme of ‘Job Satisfaction’. For each of these Key Findings, results from the current and previous year are shown for the selected organisation and these are compared against their benchmarking group average and the best performing organisation in their benchmarking group.

Indiciators (tick marks or exclamation marks) may be displayed next to the organisational score from the previous year or next to the benchmarking group average. These indicators show whether an organisation has significantly improved or declined on a Key Finding since last year, or whether they are performing better or worse than the average for their benchmarking group.

The blue question mark in the top left of the page has some additional information about the data contained on the page – you can mouseover this icon to display this information.